Ethos Hotel Oxford

Our Ethos


Eco-Friendly Features:


Our quest for sustainable living provides guests with the following environmentally conscious features:


    * Eco-friendly black-out curtains

    * Windows that open!

    * Fair-trade natural products

    * Green tariff sustainable energy user

    * Reclaimed building materials

    * Recycling programme

    * Grey-water well and pump, serving our hotel and the local community which allows us to conserve energy and water.

    * Tri-Iso insulation provides each suite with minimal outside sound yet maximum heat transference.

    * Energy efficient lighting, appliances and Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ windows for solar control and low emissivity.


Comfort with a Conscience


Ethos Hotel Oxford is designed to be an environmentally friendly facility without sacrificing our guests’ comfort.


Our beautiful, Victorian building was lovingly and conscientiously restored by renowned architect Andrew Spurring to preserve and enhance the character of the original building.


Step inside and you’ll find a superior stay awaits you. We dare you to find a more comfortable bed in all of Oxford. Not only have we selected king and super-king sized beds, we’ve adorned them with pillow-top mattresses for the ultimate in luxury along with the softest sheet sets and duvets.


Heated towel racks lined with ultra plush towels fill our bathrooms along with our complimentary and luxurious The White Company toiletries.


According to Aristotle, "ethos" is:


* Credibility through intelligence, common sense and knowledge,

    * Virtue through good character, values, priorities and trustworthiness,

    * Goodwill through concern for opinions, desires, needs and respect for their intelligence, sincerity and common sense.


At Ethos Hotels we strive to adhere to these principles. Our ethos is reflected in how we treat our guests, our community and even our hotel itself.


Ethos Hotel. Do Good. Feel Good.